Breaking Down the Dog Tooth Extraction Cost

Dog Tooth Extraction Cost

Gum or tooth infection is a common health problem in dogs. Maintaining proper dental hygiene can cure minor oral issues; if ignored, it can cause shooting pain and may require a tooth extraction. But how much does a tooth extraction cost? 

The price of a tooth extraction varies from clinic to clinic. Some clinics offer a complete dental care package, including the price of pre-extraction examinations, anesthesia, tooth extraction, and follow-up visits. In contrast, others charge separately for additional aids. 

Simple tooth extraction is very affordable and costs only $10 to $15. But a complicated removal with curved roots, supernumerary roots, and a more intense procedure like a root canal can cost up to $3000 or more. 

After thorough research, we have prepared a detailed guide on canine tooth extraction costs and how to budget for your dog’s dental health. Read on to get detailed information. 

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Dog Tooth Extraction 

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Dog Tooth Extraction
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When it comes to dog medical care, there isn’t a fixed rate for the treatment, including tooth extraction. Numerous factors affect the cost, and knowing about them is a must to prepare for your dog’s potential tooth extraction cost. 

Mentioned below are the most common factors that generally affect the ultimate price of tooth extraction; let’s take a look: 

Number Of Teeth To Be Extracted 

The average cost of a single tooth extraction is between $15 to $50. Most vet hospitals charge on a per-tooth basis. And if your dog needs more than a single tooth extraction, you’ll end up paying a thick bill. 

Type Of Extraction Procedure 

The extraction procedure is another factor that significantly changes the price. The simpler the process, the less the cost. Well, it’s a universal fact and also true when it comes to doggy tooth extraction. 

If the vet suggests tooth extraction during a routine cleaning due to broken teeth or minor complications, the cost shouldn’t exceed $50. But if tooth extraction is required due to periodontal or serious gum disease, fractured tooth, abscess in the tooth, or cancer, the price will go higher. 

These are complicated issues and need advanced treatment like drilling or bone removal and additional medical aids, making the extraction process very expensive. 

Overcrowded or unerupted teeth are another reason the vet may suggest a tooth extraction. The cost in such cases is not as high compared to the issues we mentioned above. 

Anesthesia & Pain Management 

Keeping dogs still during the procedure is almost impossible. Therefore, vets must use anesthesia to keep them motionless and get done with the extraction successfully. 

Dogs also can’t handle pain like us humans, so doctors usually prescribe pain management medications. The type of anesthesia and post-treatment pain management medications required influence the overall cost of tooth extraction. 

Geographic Location 

Geographic location is one of the biggest influential factors for doggy healthcare. There is a huge price difference between urban and rural veterinary hospitals. Urban hospitals recruit reputed and experienced vets and nursing teams. Besides, they have more advanced tools and machines, resulting in higher prices. 

The cost of living, vet, and medical team wages are not as high in rural areas. The lower overhead cost means less expensive tooth extraction. 

These are some of the primary factors that make a dog tooth extraction procedure costlier or cheaper. Other than these, the vet may recommend additional tests, medicines, and frequent vet visits after the tooth extraction. So make sure to prepare the budget accordingly. 

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Average Cost Of Dog Tooth Extraction

Average Cost Of Dog Tooth Extraction
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By now, you must have understood that the average cost of tooth extraction for dogs varies greatly depending on various factors. And one of the most crucial parameters when it comes to the final price is the geographical area. 

Based on that, here are the dog tooth extraction prices in different countries:

Cost of Dog Tooth Extraction in the United States 

Region-wise, the cost of a dog tooth extraction varies significantly in the United States itself. The price is relatively lower on America’s east and west coast. 

Cost of Dog Tooth Extraction in the United States

For instance, a single simple tooth extraction in these regions won’t cost you more than $40. But you should expect to pay $75 to $200 for the same procedure in a Central American dental clinic. 

Suppose the clinic provides a complete tooth extraction package, including an X-ray, anesthesia, IV Catheter, pain management medication, pre-surgical panel, dental cleaning, etc.. In that case, you’ll be billed more than $1000 and even more in Central American dental clinics. 

Cost Of Dog Tooth Extraction In Other Countries  

The cost range of dog tooth extraction also varies greatly in different countries. In the UK, a dog tooth extraction can range from £150 to £500. If the procedure is more complex, it goes up to £1000. 

There are dental clinics in the UK that have a fixed price regardless of the number of tooth extractions needed. They also include the anesthesia and pain relief medication cost in the package.

Dog tooth extraction cost is significantly less in Asian countries. It roughly costs between $7 to $50 for simple tooth extraction, and for complicated procedures, the price goes up to $700. 

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Financing Options For Dog Tooth Extraction 

Dogs are also prone to various diseases, and their treatment can be costly. Therefore, considering different financing options in advance will help make the tooth extraction procedure more affordable. Following are some financing options that you can consider to finance the treatment cost better: 

Pet Insurance 

Every pet owner must invest in pet insurance to cover all minor to critical pet healthcare expenses. As a dog parent, you’re already familiar with the expenses of dog healthcare. Pet insurance provides financial relief by covering a significant portion of the medical bill. 

But all pet insurance policies aren’t the same. Some provide coverage for accidental treatments, while others only offer financial aid for various illnesses. And there are insurance policies that provide coverage for both accidental injuries as well as diseases. Review the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly before making a decision.

Additionally, there are various limitations and exclusions in insurance policies. They might have limitations for hereditary diseases, pet type, age restrictions, etc. These conditions make a huge difference in the ultimate coverage, so careful assessment of these policies is, again, very crucial. 

Payment Options  

Insurance companies offer flexible payment options, and pet owners can choose their most favorable option. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

  1. Monthly Premiums: Under this plan, you’ll sign up to pay a specific amount every month for your dog’s medical insurance. 
  2. Yearly Premiums: It’s the same as monthly premiums, but instead of monthly payments, you’ll pay the sum annually. 
  3. Co-payments: These refer to a mutual agreement between the insurance company and dog parents. Under this agreement, both parties agree to pay a certain percentage of the dog’s medical cost. 
  4. Reimbursements: In this payment option, the insurance company pays the refund only after the dog parent submits treatment expense bills. 

It’s essential to wisely consider the payment option because, under each payment mode, you have to pay a certain amount. Ask clearly about the payment amount and ensure you have the resources to pay that sum in the stipulated time. 

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Comparison Of Dog Tooth Extraction Costs To Other Veterinary Procedures 

Most dog owners ask if other dental procedures cost the same as dog tooth extraction. Well, the prices for other dental treatments are different and vary greatly depending on location, hospital reputation, and other variables. 

However, stated below is a general comparison of dog tooth extraction cost to other medical expenses; let’s have a look: 

  • Routine Dental Cleaning: A routine dental cleaning would cost between $75 to $200. If you go to a more reputed veterinary hospital, the bill will be higher. 
  • Major Surgery: Dog surgeries are expensive, be it a tooth surgery like a root canal or other injuries like joint replacement, tumor removal, etc., which would cost you more than $1000, and the price may go up to $10,000 and above.
  • Emergency Procedures: Depending on the situation, a dog emergency procedure would cost between $500 to $10000. Emergency procedures may include treating a fracture, bloating treatment, etc. 

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Dog Tooth Extraction Cost: FAQs

Q: How Much Do Small Dogs Tooth Extraction Cost? 

A: Small dog tooth extraction costs around $15. If the procedure is labor intensive, you’ll have to pay additional charges. 

Q: Do Dogs Really Need Teeth Pulled? 

A: Yes, dogs need their teeth pulled out if they suffer from a gum or tooth infection. Gum disease can be extremely painful, and a tooth extraction provides relief and is necessary for long-term health. 

Q: Can I Pull My Dog’s Rotten Tooth Out? 

A: No, you shouldn’t ever try to pull your dog’s rotten teeth out. Such procedures require proper medical assistance, and it’s best to leave them in the hands of professionals. 

Q: How Painful Is Tooth Extraction For Dogs? 

A: Vets perform dog tooth extraction under anesthesia so your canine won’t feel any pain during the procedure. But pain develops after the extraction is complete, and it’s pretty normal to last three to four days following the treatment. 

Q: What To Do If You Can’t Afford Dog Tooth Extraction? 

A: Some states provide financial assistance for pet healthcare, which can greatly help if you can’t afford dog tooth extraction costs. 

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Dog tooth extraction is a common procedure vets recommend to maintain your canine’s oral health. Teeth cancer is another reason leading to tooth extraction. The severity of the issue affects the final price of the procedure. Therefore, seeking medical insurance is a must to prepare for these unexpected expenses. 

I hope this detailed guide on dog tooth extraction was informative and provided enough information regarding vet expenses. If you have other queries about the procedure, feel free to drop them in the comments! 


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