How Much Does Dog Daycare Cost? An Extensive Guide

How Much Does Dog Daycare Cost

Have you noticed symptoms of separation anxiety in your dog every morning when you leave for work? Dogs get extremely affectionate with their owners; spending the entire day alone at home becomes traumatic for them. 

Not just for dogs, leaving these fur babies alone at home does not go easy on pet owners as well. Dog daycare is the ultimate solution to the problem, where your pooch can have endless fun and socialization with other furry friends. 

But how much does a dog daycare facility cost? 

The average rate for full-day daycare is between $18 to $29 in smaller towns. But in big cities like New York or LA, the cost is around $51. Most of these daycare centers have a fixed schedule of 7 am to 6 pm, while others may provide a flexible routine. 

Read on as I discuss every crucial detail regarding doggy daycare cost and learn why daycare is worth your investment. 

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Dog Daycare 

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Dog Daycare

Different doggy daycares have different prices due to several variables. Daycare facilities provide varied facilities to keep your beloved pooch happy and healthy. The following are some common parameters that determine the ultimate daycare price

Geographic Location 

Doggy daycare facilities in urban areas tend to charge more than rural ones. In cities with a higher cost of living, daycare facilities are more expensive due to higher rent, operational costs, higher wedges of care attendants, and similar factors that add up to the cost. 

So if you live in a posh city, you should expect to pay more than a thousand dollars monthly for the daycare. The cost will be a little less if you keep your canine for half a day. 

Type Of Facility 

Which type of daycare facility you choose will also determine the price range. Standalone private facilities are more expensive than daycare facilities provided by veterinary hospitals. The standalone cares have better-trained attendants and advanced amenities to keep your doggy in the best condition; hence, they charge more. 

Type Of Service 

Most doggy daycares provide common services like playtime, timely feedings, resting period, potty breaks, etc. However, some facilities add extra assistance like mental stimulation with toys and other tools, obedience training, grooming, temperament analysis, vet services, night stay, and more. 

Adding these extra services makes a daycare costlier than the ones with basic amenities. 

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Cost Break Down Of Dog Daycare: Things To Note

Cost Break Down Of Dog Daycare

Apart from the standard rates, various factors influence the final price of keeping your pet in the daycare facility. Let’s have a look at them: 

Dog Daycare Cost Per Day or Per Hour 

Most daycare facilities have a daily or hourly rate. For instance, a dog daycare service may charge $35 for a full day and $20 for a half day, or $10 per hour. These costs vary based on how long you leave your pup in the daycare facility. The daily or hourly rate system is most suitable for people who have to leave their dogs only a few times a month. 

Doggy Daycare Weekly Cost 

There are daycare facilities that have a weekly payment system. The weekly price for doggie daycare is different, but generally, the cost is around $100 to $200. 

Doggy Daycare Monthly Cost

The monthly doggy daycare fee can be between $450 to $1000. Depending on the type of services you pick, whether you provide your own food, and other factors influence the final price. 

Packages And Memberships 

Taking a daycare package or membership is most beneficial when you leave your dog for a month. In this system, you have to pay the whole sum at once. The prices of packages and memberships are a little less than the accumulated price of daily or hourly payment plans. 

For example, if a daycare charges $35 for a full-day service, you pay more than $1000 for the whole month. But when you get a package, you can avail of the same service for around $800. 

Additional Service Fee 

Some dog daycare facilities keep additional services like vet checkups, grooming, training, etc. The cost of these services is not included in the daily or monthly fee. There will be a separate price plan for these services depending on the type of grooming, training, or vet care you want. 

Late Pick-Up Or Early Drop-Off Fees 

Most daycares have a 7 to 10-hour schedule. If you have to drop your canine off early or pick it up late, the facility will charge you additional fees. The charges usually add up on an hourly basis. 

Cancellation Policy Fees 

Daycare facilities usually keep a cancellation policy fee. You’re liable to pay the amount if you don’t cancel your daycare appointment before 24 hours. The cancellation period for packages and membership varies for each facility. Enquiring about them is the best way to know the exact fees. 

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Average Cost Of Dog Daycare 

Average Cost Of Dog Daycare

Based on different factors, the following are the average cost of dog daycare, but before jumping onto the different price categories, here is a quick look at the daycare prices: 

Period Full Day Half Day
30 days $1250$800
20 days $880$580
Monthly Unlimited Package $850$650
10 days $460$310
5 days $240$165

Cost Range For Different Geographic Locations 

As stated previously, geographic locations greatly influence the price of doggy daycare centers. The average cost for different locations is: 

  1. Rural areas: $15 to $25 per day. 
  2. Suburban areas: $20 to $40 per day. 
  3. Urban areas: $35 to $51 per day. 

Cost Range For Different Types Of Facilities 

The cost range for different types of facilities are:

  1. Standalone daycare: $35 to $51 per day. 
  2. Boarding kennels: $30 to $60 per day. 
  3. Veterinary clinic daycare: $20 to $40 per day. 

Cost Range For Different Types Of Service  

It’s hard to predict the cost for different types of service because every facility has a different price. But basic services like playtime with the attendant, outdoor walks, food, toys, etc., come under the average daily cost, which varies from location to location. 

Average costs for additional services include: extra relief walks costs $15 on average, bath for $40, spa for $50, and in-house food usually costs around $3 to $5 per portion. Different facilities will have their unique services and their customized payment plan. Enquire about them to get a better idea about it. 

Other than that, some daycare centers offer grooming and cleaning services. You have to pay separately whenever you want a pet to get groomed. Grooming charges usually start from $100. 

Please note that dog daycare centers only accept vaccinated dogs. Hence, you must get the vaccinations done for rabies, distemper, and Bordetella. If your pup isn’t vaccinated yet, make sure to get it done before dropping it off at a daycare center. 

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Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Dog Daycare: Secret Tips & Tricks 

Dipping off your doggy daily at the daycare won’t go easy on your pocket. But using the following tips, you can save some bucks: 

Look For Discounts 

Daycare centers often run discounts for existing customers; buying packages during that time can save you a good sum. These centers always have an offer price for new customers. But sometimes, they don’t reveal it. Make sure to ask them for a welcome offer and take advantage of it. 

Prefer Monthly Fees Or Packages Instead Of Daily Rates 

Opting for monthly payments or packages is a much better choice than paying daily. Monthly packages are always less than the accumulated cost of daily rates in 30 days. 

If you’re unsure whether you want a monthly package or not, doggy care centers often have 20-day and 15-day packages as well. 

Pair Up With Your Family Members 

If anyone from your family or relatives also owns a dog and is looking for a daycare center, you can pair up and choose a common facility. Most dog daycare centers offer discounts for multiple pets from the same family. This is another way to save some dollars. 

Provide Your Own Food 

Pack your dog’s food in separate portions. It’s always cheaper than getting food from the facility. 

Opt For Self Drop-Off & Pick-Up 

Self-pick-up and drop-off may get a little inconvenient at times, but you’ll save a lot of money by not using daycare transportation. 

Try To Avoid Additional Services 

Additional services like baths, teeth cleaning, and clipping nails add to the final cost. You can groom your dog yourself during weekends instead of paying the daycare center for these little tasks. 

Look For Low Cost Or Free Daycare Programs 

Some rescue centers or volunteers offer to look after dogs for a very low price or even free. These are usually pet lovers who love to spend time with dogs; hence, they cost barely anything. Check if you have any such centers in your neighborhood. 

Also, make sure to do an extensive daycare hunt before picking one. Prices are different in every facility, and considering different options will help you choose a center that suits your budget and provides the best care for your dog. 

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How Much Does Dog Daycare Cost? FAQs 

Q: How Many Days Should the Dog Go to Daycare? 

A: The answer depends on individual preference and schedule. But it’s not best to leave your dog every day at the daycare. So try not to leave them for more than 3 to 4 days per week, and also ensure to spend enough time with them when you bring them back home. 

Q: How Much Would It Cost to Drop My Dog in A Kennel for Two Weeks in the UK? 

A: The average cost for a week’s stay in a standard dog kennel in the UK would cost you around £130. 

Q: Do Dogs Return Home Tired After a Day at the Daycare? 

A: Yes, your dog will probably return home tired after a day of adventures and playing. 

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The cost of a dog daycare depends on several variables, which I discussed extensively. These average cost ranges will help a pet owner get an estimate of the monthly expense and make an informed decision when choosing a facility. 

Even though choosing a cost-effective facility is essential, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of care. Your furry companion deserves the best treatment, so do your research and check people’s reviews before picking the daycare center. 

To sum it up, the doggy daycare facility should be a balance of quality care, affordability, and convenience. You should rest assured that your dog is enjoying its time at the center without feeling ignored or anxious, and considering the mentioned factors will help you find the right facility that meets your dog’s needs.


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