How Much Does It Cost to Chip a Dog?

How Much Does It Cost To Chip A Dog

Approximately one-third of dogs in the United States are reported missing by their owners, and more than half of them are never found (source). That’s why microchipping your dog is important to save your pooch from ending up in a worn-out shelter. 

Microchipping is a quick and painless procedure for inserting a tiny chip under your dog’s skin. The microchip contains a unique identification number, and animal shelters or authorized animal organizations can scan it to help you reunite with your dog if they ever get lost. 

Dog chipping is a must considering the rapid missing dog cases. But have you ever wondered how much it costs to microchip a dog? 

On average, dog chipping costs $50, including the registration and chipping procedure. The price can vary greatly depending on factors like location, type of microchip, and the vet office or the pet adoption center. It’s a one-time cost with no renewal fees. 

This article will provide detailed information about dog microchipping costs and other associated expenses. Read on to learn them all. 

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Microchipping For Dogs 

The cost of microchipping your dog depends on several variables. I have mentioned a few primary causes that will determine how much you pay to microchip your canine: 

Geographic Location 

The price of dog chipping varies from location to location. Using up-to-date technologies, the procedure is generally more expensive in metropolitan cities and in modern chipping centers. These centers fix the charges considering the entire experience they provide you. Besides, they keep a highly-qualified team to get the job done, which may make the procedure a little expensive. 

Chipping institutions in rural areas are not as advanced as the ones in urban localities. Therefore, the final cost in a rural center would be much more affordable. It hardly matters where you get the chipping done because it’s a simple procedure with no risks. 

Veterinary Clinic Fees 

Similar to geographic location, the type of veterinary clinic also affects the price of dog chipping. If you choose an ultramodern clinic that uses advanced tools and facilities, they will charge you more. In contrast, an old clinic with basic equipment won’t charge you as much. 

The choice ultimately boils down to your preference. Just make sure that the clinic has a good reputation and a skilled vet to perform the procedure safely. 

Type & Brand Of Microchip 

There are two main types of doggy microchips: HomeAgain and Avid microchip. Here is how they differ from each other: 

  • HomeAgain Microchip

The former provides a permanent pet ID, making scanning your dog’s whereabouts easier. Any pet rescue or vet center can scan this code, recover the dog owner’s contact information, and help you get your puppy back home. 

  • Avid Microchip

An avid microchip is quite similar to the HomeAgain one. It’s a tiny chip that’s inserted into your dog’s body. The specialty of this type of chip is that it stores the dog’s home information along with the unique ID code, making returning lost dogs to their original homes easier. 

HomeAgain microchips are a little cheaper, and the price starts from $19.99, while the price of Avid microchips starts from $25.95 per pet. 

Some popular brands/companies that provide these doggy microchips are: 

  • AKC Reunite: It’s one of the most popular brands of dog microchipping companies trusted by thousands of pet owners. 
  • 24PetWatch: 24PetWatch is North America’s largest microchipping and pet database registry. It’s another top company trusted by pet owners to chip their dogs. 
  • Fi Nano: Fi Nano is an ISO-certified nano chip brand internationally compatible with all scanners. 
  • PetKey: Say goodbye to the fear of losing your dog, as PetKey’s advanced microchips and scanners are here to help track your dog no matter where it is. 

Additional Services Offered With Microchipping 

Some microchips have additional features like temperature monitoring and health monitoring. If you get a microchip with these facilities, microchipping your dog will be costlier. How much the pet chipping center charges depends on the brand of microchip they have and their operational fees. 

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Cost Breakdown Of Microchipping Of Dogs 

We can break down dog microchipping costs into three primary parts: chipping price, vet fees, and additional expenses such as registration amount. Here is the average cost you can expect: 

Microchip Cost 

The price of microchipping, excluding the registration fee, is approximately between $25 to $60. The price will be a little higher if you prefer getting a more advanced chip with temperature control features. 

Veterinary Fees 

The vet fee is usually included in the microchipping cost since it’s a quick procedure and does not require too much work. You’ll have to pay the standard vet fee if it’s not included. 

Other Additional Costs 

As stated previously, some microchipping centers provide additional services such as pet recovery services, advanced microchips with temperature and health monitoring capacities, etc., and would be a little more expensive. These extra services would cost you anywhere within $100 or more, depending on the reputation of the chipping center. 

Average Cost Of Microchipping For Dogs 

By now, you can tell that the cost of dog chipping depends on various parameters, and here is a general idea of the average price: 

Parameters Average Price 
Geographic Location Average cost in advanced cities: around $50 
Average cost in less popular cities: around $25
Types HomeAgain: $19.99 
Avid: $25 
Brand Average range: $20 to $50
Vet Fees Average microchipping fees: $20 
Additional Services Average cost: $45 to $100

Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Microchipping For Dogs 

Following are some of the ways you can use to reduce the cost of microchipping for dogs: 

Search For Low Cost Or Free Microchipping Events 

Many animal shelters, welfare organizations, and pet stores organize free or low-cost microchipping events during special occasions like National Pet Identification Week. Check with your local animal shelters, clinics, or pet stores to know if they will organize such events in the coming days. 

Consider Bundling Microchipping With Other Veterinary Services 

Veterinary centers usually provide packages or discounts on bundling services. Enquire about them and see if you can get a package including services like vaccination, microchipping, and a general checkup. This is a cost-effective way to get the chipping done while providing your routine dog care. 

Look For Discounts & Promotional Offers 

Sometimes vet clinics and pet organizations run promotional offers to attract more customers. The offers may also include microchipping at a discounted price. Enquire about these local offers to save some bucks while chipping your dog. 

Check With Your Pet Insurance Provider 

Ask your pet insurance company if they cover chipping expenses as well. If yes, you can save some bucks or even get the chipping done for free. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Chip A Dog? FAQs 

Q: Can You Track a Dog with a Microchip? 

A: Microchipping isn’t similar to a GPS tracking device. It’s an identification code instead; hence, you can’t track a dog with a microchip. 

Q: How Long Does a Microchip Last in a Dog? 

A: A microchip can last up to 25 years. So it’s a one-time procedure and would last the whole lifetime of your dog. 

Q: What Are the Side Effects of Microchipping a Dog? 

A; There are no possible side effects of microchipping a dog. The chip is only the size of a tiny grain and does not cause any harm. 

Q: Is Microchipping Painful for Dogs? 

A: No, microchipping is a painless procedure and is done without anesthesia. It takes a couple of minutes, so your pooch won’t feel any pricking sensation. 

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The cost of chipping a dog varies based on several factors I have discussed. But you pay a small price for your pet’s safety and the peace of mind it provides. It ensures that if your dog ever gets lost, shelters can identify and reunite your canine with you. Do enquire in a couple of chipping centers to make the right choice. 


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