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When I created PetBudget, my goal was simple. Avoid people from abandoning their animals because they find having one too expensive. To prevent that from happening, I have three strategies.

First, through the PetBudget blog, I try to make sure people fully understand pet ownership’s financial implications before buying or adopting an animal.

Secondly, I help current pet owners saving money by taking advantage of available deals that I share in the newsletter. Who doesn’t want to spend less on pet food, supplies, etc.?

Finally, on the PetBudget YouTube channel, I try to teach pet owners simple skills that will help them save, and I review products to make sure you will only spend your money on the right products and services when needed.

If you want to take advantage of everything I have to offer (it’s free), I would invite you to browse through this blog, subscribe to the newsletter below, and the YouTube channel as well!


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